Your True Self

I often get caught up in trying to compete with today’s world and the people in it. I often feel like I am trying to “keep up with the Jones’s”.It easy to get wrapped up in everyday events between work, school, kids and social life that we can easily forget who we are and more importantly, what we are all about as individuals.

It is important to recognize your true self. Forget about what others think sometimes and take a moment to look in the mirror. Some potentially troublesome issues within yourself can sometimes be masked by temporary excitement over the new relationship, new job, new school or just hanging out with the gang. If not recognized in time, these areas that are silently affected can begin to implode and cause an internal self-destruct sequence. Self Destruction

The point I am trying to make is to try not lose sight of who you really are and what you really want out of life. If you have a passion, pursue it no matter what it takes. Your dreams may not become reality overnight, but if you do not at least try, they will never become reality and you will always ask yourself “what if”?  Pursuing Dreams

When I was little, old enough to know what an airplane is, I developed a dream to become a pilot. I wanted to soar through the clouds more than I wanted anything else. I grew up near Little Rock Air Force Base LRAFB watching the c-130’s C-130 flying overhead and going to airshows every chance that I had. Even as a young adult I would sometimes spend most of my free time sitting at the end of runways watching the planes take off and land wondering what it would be like to be a pilot. I started taking flying lessons when I was 16. My family did not have much so I was literally taking lessons once or twice a year as I could afford them. I often thought it would never happen. I did this until I was 29 years old when finally, thanks to my brother Ron co-signing for a student loan for me, I was able to jump in the pilot seat as a student full-time and completed my private pilot training! That was one dream, after all the hard work and years of ups and downs, that I finally managed to live 🙂

I have taken that dream to another step now, and I have recently become a commercial drone pilot Become UAV Pilot and conducting aerial photography using a UAV. What Is A UAV  My dream is to be successful in the business and perhaps help other people understand the usefulness of these magnificent devices. To me, flying the drone and watching the live video feed, is almost like flying in a real plane! So I get to enjoy the thrill of flight, and maybe make some extra dough on the side:) Whether I succeed or not as a commercial drone pilot is not as important as the fact that I at least tried. I do not worry about what others think, as the drone world has not been accepted by many yet, but I still hold on to what is important to me and I continue to work towards that goal.

Now, I am taking on a new task and trying my luck at writing blogs, obviously. I have always had an inner nudge to write. Not novels or movies, but short stories and maybe even poetry. I love sharing my experiences with other people and offering advice when needed and accepted, so why not! Am I any good at it? I’m not sure, but at least I am trying. I do not know if anyone will even read what I post or not, but at least it is there should someone be interested. Most importantly, I will not have to ask myself “what if”.

I hope you have enjoyed this posting and found it useful in some way. Thank you for reading and there will be more soon!!

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